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Project Management and Time Entry
Project based job entry. Job, activity and task management. Time entry and tracking including reports/critical path analysis. Full project management from start to finish.

Time Recording, Costing and Billing
Individual time recording against financial and time entered budgets. Cost analysis and breakdowns including both labour and non labour entries. Estimates and billing output to HTML allowing information to be recorded as company invoice.

View Brief
Here, a list of briefs entered on to the system can be viewed at a glance. A brief can also be entered by either the agency or the client to create a job.

This is where all the project management and time keeping is handled. From here you can create projects, jobs and tasks; edit your own and other users' time and rates; attach non-labour costs to specific jobs and track and update users' activities.

Image Upload
Upload almost any file format, including a multipage document of any size. Once uploaded, the file is converted into a jpeg or pdf. The ability to upload so easily means a reduction in the amount of emails laden with large file size images.

Document Share
Enables any authorised user to attach files to relevant jobs, which can then be viewed, previewed, downloaded and uploaded by all other authorised users.

View Artwork
Once artwork has been uploaded by the agency, authorised clients can access their work, then view, annotate and highlight amendments using a simple colour coded hotspots approval system.

This innovative and easy to understand 'traffic light' system enables all parties to identify specific changes at any stage of the process. A hotspot can be added by simply clicking on the area of the artwork on which an amendment is requested. Further details can be added in the text box which accompanies the hotspot.

An email notification is then sent to authorised users, meaning instant communication and avoiding misunderstanding. No more delays in seeking approval. No more confusion on detailed instructions for job changes.

Job Audit
The ability to view at a glance a full archive history of all jobs and correspondence, along with information such as date, time and name for full transparency and accountability.

Post Message
You can post a message on VA relating to specific jobs and all users are then instantly alerted to the message via email. The message is also posted in Visual Approval, ensuring that all messaging is automatically picked up when the user logs in.


Visual Approval Tour
Project Management Tour
Workflow Tour

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What our clients think...

"I really like the fact everything is all on one page; artwork approval dates and contact details. No need to wade through artwork files, e-mails and faxes to keep track of progress.

The ability to view artwork and make changes on screen for designers to interpret immediately has really improved speed and accuracy."

Dunlop Product Manager, DUNLOP Building Adhesives Ltd.